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Don't Trust Facebook

Unless you're comfortable being intrusively surveilled, you should not use Facebook/Instagram applications. Go through a web browser if you need to use their services. But don't install their apps.…

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They Say That Like It's A Bad Thing

Anyone who runs servers on the internet knows that continuous, automated intrusion attempts originate from Chinese networks.   Opinion | America Is Going to Decapitate HuaweiThe United States’ technological dominance gives it an immense power. But how long will that last?Chris…

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Give The Bad Guys Pause

This oughta make them think twice. Massive breakthrough: 155 mm howitzer artillery destroys incoming cruise missileIn an amazing first, an artillery cannon took out a cruise missile.Warrior MavenFox News…


The 21st Century We Were Promised

This is more like it. Japanese company successfully tests a manned flying car for the first timeA Japanese company has announced the successful test of a manned flying car after conducting a public demonstration on August 25.Lauren M. Johnson,…


They Don't Use Words To Inform

Places like CNN don't really use words to inform - they use them to create an impression and groom their viewers to act in a certain way. They don't tell you what's actually happening, they tell you an invented storyline…

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BibleCrunch Is Alive

You may or may not have noticed, if you ever visit this site, that I enabled the BibleCrunch web app that I've been working on. The video below takes you through an introductory tutorial on how to play with it.…

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Phone Booths

I read to my grandson every night for 30-45 minutes at bedtime. You can blow through a lot of books when you do that day in and day out. He's started reading and recognizing words himself and we've been working…

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