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Do You Really Trust Them?

BOMBSHELL: Nashville mayor’s office deliberately kept VITAL COVID info about bars and restaurants from the publicYes, yes the mayor is a Democrat. We know, you’re shocked.Sam Janneytwitchy.com…

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They Say That Like It's A Bad Thing

Anyone who runs servers on the internet knows that continuous, automated intrusion attempts originate from Chinese networks.   Opinion | America Is Going to Decapitate HuaweiThe United States’ technological dominance gives it an immense power. But how long will that last?Chris…

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Playing Us For Suckers

Wiping Phones and Erasing the Public’s Trust Political legitimacy requires two things: the rule of law and the widespread, shared perception that the law is impartially applied. The first is largely a matter of process; the second is largely…

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Seen on Facebook

via Glenn Reynolds “Charges of Imperialism would be more supportable if America regarded the world as a prize to be won rather than a nuisance to be tolerated.”No. Kidding.…

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Who They Are, What They Do

It takes a special kind of credulity to believe this is coincidence when it happens over and over. New DOJ Docs Show Wholesale Evidence Destruction By Mueller TeamNew DOJ records reveal that multiple top members of Mueller’s team claim…



“A woman who is 3rd in line to have access to our nuclear codes is claiming that she was duped by a hair salon. Let that sink in.” - seen on Facebook…