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Saturday Funnies - 09/26/2020

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. Not too far offIt's anybody's guessApparently they doMean but funny and bits of it are trueThis is, of course, problematicCreepy but trueWe'll seeI think they were gambling that Republicans were too spineless to…


Funnies Preview

My friend Larry sent some contributions for the funnies. The first one is particularly hilarious. "Cosplay Dobby" seems a little too interested in what's on the grillGood luck with thatPerhaps you can relate."Locally sourced"…


Imperial Clothing

As Sarah Hoyt says, the Babylon Bee gives you tomorrow's news today. Biden Forgets To Put On Clothes, Media Praises His Majestic OutfitKISSIMMEE, FL—Joe Biden was taken out of the cooler in his campaign bus to give…

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Bonus Funnies

From my friend Larry Riiiigghhht#metooHahaha! I resemble that remarknyuck nyuck nyuckCurioussnort*A distinct possibilityIt always helps to be clear about your context…


Saturday Funnies - 09/19/2020

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. Enjoy it while you canMean but funnyAnalysis: trueMade me chuckleThere's a cost to everythingApparentlyPlausibleCorrectSee pic just aboveHaha!When political signs to right to the chaseApparently soAwkwardThe new media is just gaslighting straight upDining…