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They Are Viler Than You Can Even Imagine

Kendi Accuses Amy Coney Barrett Of ‘Colonialism’ For Adopting From Haiti‘Some White colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children,′ Kendi wrote on Twitter. ‘They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in the ‘superior’ ways of White people.′Tristan JusticeThe FederalistI'm the white father and…

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The Lust For Moral Superiority

Affirmation of one’s own superiority by punishing inferiors is an addictive pleasure. It requires ever stronger, purer doses of infliction, and is inherently beyond satisfaction. - Angelo Codevilla“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of…

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Honoring No One Except Ourselves

If every person commemorated for exceptional achievement is to be pulled down from his plinth because he is subsequently found to have been less than a saint (according to current conceptions of sanctity), we shall end up honoring no one…

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An Involuntary Witness

“I am an involuntary witness to God’s grace, and to the fortifying power of faith.” So wrote Whitaker Chambers in a letter to his children, trying to explain to them his role in what was, perhaps, the greatest espionage…

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The Virtue Parade

Historically, what does it mean when someone wishes to go parading themselves around as a person of virtue? - Douglas Murray I think the great unveiling that is 2020 can be understood if we have the nerve to answer the…

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Picturing Hell

“We must picture Hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment.” – C.S. Lewis Alarmingly…


BibleCrunch Is Alive

You may or may not have noticed, if you ever visit this site, that I enabled the BibleCrunch web app that I've been working on. The video below takes you through an introductory tutorial on how to play with it.…

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Off In The Weeds

The Theological Problem With Tim Keller’s So-Called Social JusticeHow Keller’s Redefinition of Justice Distorts The GospelJacob BruntonFor the New Christian IntellectualTim Keller has been kind of off in the weeds on some of the current social justice hysteria.…

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