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Don't Trust Facebook

Unless you're comfortable being intrusively surveilled, you should not use Facebook/Instagram applications. Go through a web browser if you need to use their services. But don't install their apps.…

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Honoring No One Except Ourselves

If every person commemorated for exceptional achievement is to be pulled down from his plinth because he is subsequently found to have been less than a saint (according to current conceptions of sanctity), we shall end up honoring no one…

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Playing Us For Suckers

Wiping Phones and Erasing the Public’s Trust Political legitimacy requires two things: the rule of law and the widespread, shared perception that the law is impartially applied. The first is largely a matter of process; the second is largely…

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An Involuntary Witness

“I am an involuntary witness to God’s grace, and to the fortifying power of faith.” So wrote Whitaker Chambers in a letter to his children, trying to explain to them his role in what was, perhaps, the greatest espionage…

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Seen on Facebook

via Glenn Reynolds “Charges of Imperialism would be more supportable if America regarded the world as a prize to be won rather than a nuisance to be tolerated.”No. Kidding.…

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An Experiment That's Been Tried Already

Theodore Dalrymple explains, in an over 20 year old article, why the left inevitably hates the police: Their function is, after all, to defend the social order: and since the social order is widely held to be responsible for the…