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There's Truth In This

Trump showed that the annihilation of the American middle class was not the result of inevitable forces. Technological change and globalization are not weather or the movement of tectonic plates. The economy, and who gets what from whom, is embedded…

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This Is Encouraging

Brave browser takes step toward enabling a decentralized webBrave has added native support for IPFS, a decentralized transfer protocol that’s aiming to make the internet faster and more secure. The browser can now act as a node, serving web…

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Timely and Helpful

2020 was a horrible year and not just because of Covid. It started out as a hell year and finished up as one - both for personal reasons and for the reasons we all experienced throughout the year. One of…

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Google completes acquisition of Fitbit, reiterates privacy promisesGoogle completes Fitbit acquisition after more than a year - 9to5GoogleMore than a year after the deal’s announcement, Google says it has now completed its acquisition of Fitbit.Ben Schoon9to5Google…

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This Seems About Right

Trump, to almost everyone's surprise, wins. So how do big government, big business, elite experts and so on, i.e., the establishment, react, from his fans' perspective? Without even giving Trump a chance, they decree that he is illegitimate, that…

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Worth Pursuing

This would effectively stop the ideological purge in its tracks, as Big Tech steadfastly allows a lot of horrific tweets to remain online, as long as they are not from American conservatives. If states created a private right of action,…

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Selective Outrage

But this is different because shut up. The threats and violence Twitter won’t policeOf late, much attention has been focused on acts of censorship by Twitter. What has garnered far less attention is what Twitter chooses not to censor,…

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